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Report Timesaver Appraisal Comments™ (Mobile Site / Desktop Site)

Report Timesaver is designed to help:

  • individuals write appraisal comments for their own employee performance appraisal form;
  • managers complete employee performance appraisals for their subordinate staff.

Start an appraisal


Report Timesaver is easy to use and includes databases of professionally written comments to help you produce detailed and relevant performance appraisal comments quickly and efficiently in a number of easy steps:

  1. Select a database of appraisal comments.
  2. Set the level of achievement (exceeds expectations, met expectations or below expectations) attained for the appraisal categories that apply to your appraisal.
  3. Choose the individual comment sentences used to make up the appraisal comments.
  4. Edit your appraisal if required and copy/paste it into your appraisal form, download it to your computer, or email it to yourself.


  • Simple to use.

  • Comments written in the first person (I, my etc.), second person (You, your etc.) and third person (he/she, his/her etc.).

  • Appraisal comments are automatically tailored using a person's name and gender.

  • Comments are available in either UK English or US English.

  • Spell check your appraisals.

  • Comments grouped by category, e.g. Attendance, Communication etc.

  • Each category has comments suitable for different levels of achievement.

  • Comment databases regularly updated with new comments.

  • Completed staff appraisals can be saved, recalled and deleted as required from your own private appraisal database.  They can also be exported as a text file or emailed to you.

  • Save your configuration settings between login sessions.

  • Create your own unique database of comments either by editing your own copy of our comments or by entering your own custom comments (managerial memberships only).

  • Customise your online appraisals using our configurable appraisal form (managerial memberships only).

How Report Timesaver Appraisal Comments™ Works

There are several databases of appraisal comments available to use online.  Each database contains a huge number of individual comments for a particular appraisal application, and the individual comments are divided into different categories.  There are different individual comments within each category for various levels of achievement.  One individual comment is usually a single sentence, and several individual comments are used to make up a paragraph of appraisal comments.

You choose which comment categories and levels of achievement are applicable to your needs, and then you or the system can pick relevant individual comments and assemble them into a paragraph of appraisal text.  Our system will automatically tailor the appraisal text according to a person's name and gender.  You can check your appraisal's spelling, then copy and paste the comments into your appraisal document, save them to your Appraisal Comment account, export them as a text file or you can print them out if your report is paper based.  You are free to edit the generated appraisal text if required, use it unaltered, or just use it for inspiration for your own.

Comments within the databases are written in either the first person (I, my etc.), the second person (you/yours) or the third person (he, she etc.) depending upon whether the comments are intended for your own appraisal or other peoples appraisals.

If you wish, you can also add and edit your own individual comments and comment categories to your own personal database of appraisal comments for use alongside our databases of comments.  This enables you to build up an enhanced set of appraisal comments that are tailored to your exact circumstances. (Not applicable to personal memberships).

Managerial memberships have access to our configurable employee appraisal form.  This provides managers with the additional option of configuring and using an online appraisal form instead of using a separate appraisal document.

To use Report Timesaver we ask that you pay a small membership fee and then you'll get access to our huge selection of appraisal comments and you'll do your appraisal(s) in record time.  Why spend any more of your valuable time worrying about what appraisal comments to write?

Not the time of year for your appraisal?  Remember, your membership could be valid for up to a year, so join and try Report Timesaver's appraisal comments out, and so be ready for when your appraisal time does arrive.